The Second Historically Accurate Game Jam

Welcome to the Second Historically Accurate Game Jam!

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The past is a really interesting thing, and games allow us to portray it in a way traditional media simply doesn't let you. Games allow you to interact openly and fluidly with the past, engaging you in an easily accessible way books, films and even podcasts (my art form of choice) fail to fully provide. 

This game jam is hosted by me, Henry. I'm the creator of the History of the British Isles podcast and fan of game development, as well as playing games. I want to encourage people to make something unique and help immerse people in the past, and try to help spur a further consideration of history within the games industry. Not to mention, history-themed game development blends my two main passions together: history and coding. 

Sounds Interesting? Well, you can join here!


This article was updated on January 28, 2020

Henry Delap-Smith

The Creator of The History of The British Isles podcast. A fan of coding and history