Episode 30: Consolidating the Kingdom

In which Edward gets quite annoyed at some Belgians. 

Well, I've continued my streak of weekly releases one step further... I hope you enjoy the episode. I had a bit of a cold, so mispronounce words and stutter a bit. I hope you can bear through that!

Important People:

  • King Edward - the focus of the episode
  • Queen Edith - Edward's spouse. A bit too loyal to her father...
  • Count Baldwin - The Count of Flanders and a nuisance 
  • King Henri - The King of France, protector of William of Normandy and brother-in-law of Baldwin.
  • Emperor Heinrich III - The Holy Roman Emperor and ally of Edward's
  • Swein Godwinson - Godwine's eldest son. Very much a nuisance
  • Robert of Jumieges - A hated Norman Abbot, advisor to Edward
  • Earl Godwine - Your steriotypical overmighty vassal
  • Osgod Clapa - A Viking land owner in England, exiled by Edward
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