Coronavirus Update

As most of you will know, I live in the UK. As of me writing this, school remains open but it will shut next week. This means that the podcast will continue as usual till the next episode. However, from next week onwards, there will be changes. 

I am in a good position in that I own all the research material I currently need and the rest is online. This means that I will have no problem making and releasing episodes. The good thing (for the podcast, that is - for me this has very little positives) is that I will be having a lot more free time because, although I have schoolwork, the burden on me will be reduced. This means that I will be able to keep up the normal episode schedule and maybe even release 2 episodes a week. I can't make any promises, though. I can't tell what th workload will be like or really... much about what it will be like. 

I hope I can make the podcast entertaining to keep you all engaged through this period of uncertainty. I think it would be good to also make a little list of other shows you should check out to get you through self-isolation / quarentene / whatever else coronavirus is doing to your life.

This article was updated on March 19, 2020

Henry Delap-Smith

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